Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello to the outside world!!

Less than four weeks left, and I can't believe it! 

This week was wonderful! Cectpa Meade and I were hit with some sickness (nothing crazy, but it kept us down for a little while), but we've pushed through and we're finally seeing the light and getting back to full health! :) And this week has been full of so many incredible experiences that it doesn't even really matter! 

On Sunday night, we had a special devotional, where the Nashville Tribute Band came and gave the MTC a mini-concert. It was definitely a different experience than we normally have for devotionals, but in a good way. I love the way that the band shares their testimonies through music. It's powerful and unique. And we even got to sing a few songs with them! The music was a little louder/more exciting than the hymns that we usually get to perform, and I loved it! It brought the Spirit, but in a different way. I loved it. Plus, one of the band members is from my home valley, so I may be just a little biased. :)

Cectpa Meade and I also gave the lesson in our district meeting on Sunday, and I think it was the first time in my life that I have taught a class and legitimately wanted more time. If any of you know me, that is pretty serious. But I am so GLAD! I'm learning how to really love to teach, and that's something I never thought I'd say! :) Anyway, we taught about the Atonement, and I was just struck once again by how all-encompassing it is. Jesus Christ paid for EVERYTHING, for us. That includes not only sins, but pains and sicknesses and trials. He KNOWS. I think sometimes we forget that there is someone who can help us out no matter what it is that we are struggling with. He may not always take away our problems, but He can help us through them. He enables us to do more and to become more than we are by ourselves. I've truly felt that since I've been out on my mission. When I rely on the Lord, I can do so much more! I am incredibly grateful for that.

On another note, my zone is falling apart physically.... Two elders in my district have had to have surgery on pre-mission injuries that have become real problems since entering the MTC. It's kind of funny to walk into my classroom, because 1/6 of our district are in slings right now. It looks like they just had a brawl and neither one of them came out very well. One of the sisters in my zone had bronchitis and pink eye and was out for a few days. Basically all the other sisters have been sick throughout this past week. BUT we're holding strong and still progressing so much! And everyone has had amazing attitudes throughout all of the crazy health stuff. 

Life is so great! The gospel is so true! I love the joy and peace that it brings. I love you all and appreciate your kind words and your support more than I can ever tell you! Have the best week!

Cectpa Montierth 

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