Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WHOA, we're half way there (kinda)

It's almost been an entire month here! Weird! It gets better and better!
I honestly don't have much new to report this week, so this email might be a little short. My schedule's basically the same every week, so I don't want to bore anyone with all the same stuff I've already said!Since there are a bunch of new Russian speakers coming here in the next few weeks, the MTC took one of my district's teachers away from us to teach the newbies. We were all super bummed to hear that, because we all love him! BUT our other two teachers rock too, so I guess we can share.Russian does weird things to your mind.... There are 4 genders (if you include plural and neuter), 6 cases (which basically means that every word has like 1024395876 different versions), and sentence structure doesn't really matter. It's a lot to take in, and I guess everyone goes a little crazy, but it makes the district more fun! The other day, the teacher left the room for a minute, and we totally broke out into one of those High School Musical moments, and one by one, everyone started tapping out beats with pencils, highlighters, and by drumming on their desks, until we had this like 10-layer track going on. It only lasted for a minute because we realized we were being ridiculous, but it was great. :)This week, I've realized just how important the scriptures are. I have been so amazed to find answers to my questions when I truly go into scripture study with a purpose, and with the intent to learn something. Sorry for the short email this week, I'm completely out of time! I love you all a ton!Love,Cectpa Montierth  

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