Monday, November 2, 2015

Russian Halloween

This week was probably my favorite one so far. I don't even know exactly why... just a lot of things happened, and I understood more than I have in the past weeks, and I keep meeting the coolest people ever. :)
This week, my branch had a Halloween/autumn activity. They don't really celebrate Halloween here, but the younger generation likes it, so it's starting to become a thing... Anyway, the branch went all out! Some of the members created a little haunted house in the classrooms, and it's was adorable (and scary... of course :). They had the missionaries teach everyone how to carve pumpkins, which was hilarious, because they gave us these TINY pumpkins to work with, and the insides were hard, so we had to saw away at them to hollow them out. But everyone loved it, and they made some really funny pumpkins! So many people invited friends, and overall, it was just an incredible success! I talked with a lot of people that i've wanted to get to know better for quite a while. Marina, a girl who comes to our English group, became an investigator and wants to meet this week to learn more about the church. She was so sweet, and stuck with me most of the activity, helping me to understand and play the little games that the members had set up. The youth dressed up, and it was just so cool to see them getting excited about this silly holiday :).
This week our investigator Marina told us that the other day she just decided to pray and then open the Book of Mormon to a random chapter (this was all her idea), and that when she did, she got an answer to her questions. She said that she knows that the Book of Mormon can help her, and she is excited to keep reading. She wants us to send her scriptures every night to read. 
I love you all!

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