Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nov 25

This week feels like it didn't even happen... everything went so quickly!
This was one of the first times when I have really felt the gift of tongues working on me personally...Thank you so much for all your prayers, I can definitely feel them here!  I went on splits with Sister Jarvis for a day and a half-ish, and it was such an eye-opening experience. She got to Russia 6 weeks before me, so we're both preeeetty new. She came to Volgograd and my companion went to her area with her companion. It was cool to be in my area, because since it was"my territory," I had to lead. We had a lesson with a member, made a lot of phone calls, and then did a lot of street-teaching. I was honestly amazed by how much that I realized that I could do! It was fun to be with Sister Jarvis, because we're both still learning how to do a lot of things, and up until this point, we've both been in companionships with very experienced, confident missionaries. This week, we both learned how to really step up. And it was the best thing ever :) We talked with so many people. We got four phone numbers on the street! I came home in such a good mood, because I felt like I had personally done something and made a difference! I just opened my mouth, and I spoke, and things to say CAME TO ME! We got lots of compliments on our Russian, and lots of smiles from people, even if they didn't necessarily want to hear more about the gospel. Overall, it was one of my favorite mission experiences so far, because I felt like I myself had a real purpose, and that I wasn't just the necessary-but-quiet companion of a very capable missionary. It was so fun :)
Also, it snowed a little this week! Just one day, and it didn't stick (where am I, Arizona?? :) ), but still it was way fun!
I love being a missionary, I love the gospel! I love all of you more than I can ever say! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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