Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dec 13

I literally have no time today, we're writing early because today is the craziest day of my life we're going to be in Rostov to send Sister Marquis off. :(  
I am going to be training this transfer. SCARY AND CRAZY, but I'm just going to try to have fun. I'm so excited to meet my new companion her name is Sister Nelson, she is from Utah! I'm going to be in Rostov all week because there's ridiculously crazy stuff happening all over the mission with Visa Trips. I should be in Armenia at some point this week, but they don't know when yet. So basically I'll just be in a new area with a new companion (and become a Sister Training Leader) until further notice... crazy stuff like this happens all the time. 

It's been pretty normal weather this week. Not really snow or rain... just cold haha. 
MORE PRAYERS REQUESTED PLEASE. This week is going to be insane. I'm definitely feeling inadequate, but I'm ready to do what the Lord wants.
I love you tons!


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